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High-Speed destruction : Can Crushing

Movie : can1.m1v (1.3MB)

Aluminium can, using coil made of 3mm copper rod, sleeved in polythene tube. Power around 1.5KJ.
Probably 1000 frames/sec - we were messing with external sync & can't be sure....!


wpe5E.jpg (18593 bytes)

Dark band visible, probably due to magnetic field interfering with camera. Slight crushing starting to become visible at bottom of can.wpe58.jpg (18499 bytes)

1ms later - coil has pinched together and can-crush is pretty much complete
wpe57.jpg (17508 bytes)

Crush spreads out - probably due to springiness of can
wpe5A.jpg (18231 bytes)

Coil starts to recover shape, can now pretty stable
wpe5B.jpg (18211 bytes)


wpe5D.jpg (18456 bytes)

Movie : lpcan_4k.m1v (92K)

(Probably) 4000 frames per second...!

Some interesting rippling effects can be seen at the ends of the can in the movie.

wpe5F.jpg (6298 bytes)

wpe60.jpg (6300 bytes)

wpe61.jpg (6181 bytes)

wpe62.jpg (6164 bytes)

Indirect crushing by smashing a hard-disc platter into the can.1000 frames/sec.

Movie : discintocan.m1v (7MB).

Initial state - again you can see the horinzontal bars from the interference to the camera
wpe67.jpg (19349 bytes)

Where's the disc gone...? You can just see the blur
wpe68.jpg (19293 bytes)

wpe69.jpg (19357 bytes)

Disc meets can...
wpe6A.jpg (18860 bytes)

Disc bends round can
wpe6C.jpg (18702 bytes)








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