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Amberley teslathon, June 19th 2004.

This event is traditionally fairly small due to lack of space, but has the advantage of being able to show tesla coils and other high-voltage goodies to the General Public who happen to be visiting  the excellent museum at Amberley, Sussex. The opportunity to scare small children with sparks and bangs can't be a bad thing either....!
Thanks to Nick Field for arranging this event. More pics of the event here. and here.


wpe47.jpg (600317 bytes)wpe33.jpg (443457 bytes)Adrian Fretwell's coil put in a great performance, filling a large part of the upstairs area with sparks and ozone...

wpe41.jpg (406295 bytes)wpe43.jpg (402595 bytes)Colin Heath's SSTC gave an interesting variety of streamers.....

wpe44.jpg (257467 bytes)wpe4F.jpg (147138 bytes)(right)..until he pushed it a little too far, with a fairly spectacular BANG as the MOSFETS decided they'd had enough (twice!)



wpe46.jpg (492390 bytes)Derek Woodroffe's collection of small coils

wpe4C.jpg (133163 bytes)wpe4D.jpg (183456 bytes)(Left) Tim Davey attempts the classic "hair standing up" trick with his huge Van De Graff generator
(Right) ...but Derek has a little more success...

vdganim.gif (204271 bytes)Undoubtedly the most popular VDG "party trick" was placing a pile of small foil pie-dishes on the VDG and watching the effects of electrostatic repulsion...
Apparently it works even better with Rice Crispies, but takes somewhat more clearing up afterwards....
(animated GIF - may take a little while to load)

wpe4E.jpg (178422 bytes)Close-up of corona streamers from my marxgen

wpe49.jpg (517747 bytes)When 2 or more coilers are gathered together......

wpe4A.jpg (458129 bytes)Part of the museum's marx impulse generator - very impressive to look at, but output was a little disappointing.

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