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smpcb.jpg (1271 bytes)uktes.jpg (1687 bytes)High voltage demonstration at the Deutsches Museum, Munich.

The equipment includes a 300KV AC transformer, and a 1MV Marx impulse generator, and is demonstrated three times a day.
More info here. Museum info with more images

300KV AC arcs (left to right) : point to point,  to faraday cage containing serious-looking German chap, arcs round the edges of 2ft x 1" glass plate, burn mark on glass.

arc1.jpg (4742 bytes)faraday.jpg (4894 bytes)glassarc.jpg (6830 bytes)glassburn.jpg (2363 bytes)

Lightning discharge approx. 1 metre long from Marx generator to model house. Notice leaders (arrowed) which didn't make it. VERY LOUD!

house1.jpg (27518 bytes)

Vaporising a metre of copper wire, Marx generator, closeup of Marx sparkgaps.

vapourwire.jpg (12773 bytes)marx.jpg (11868 bytes)marxgap.jpg (8773 bytes)

Megavoltmeter on control panel!

mvmeter.jpg (11217 bytes)
smpcb.jpg (1271 bytes)uktes.jpg (1687 bytes)

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