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wpeC.jpg (401956 bytes)wpe4A.jpg (399541 bytes)Cheap Serial GPS Device

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Wandering around Maplin on the off-chance they might have something interesting (does occasionally happen!), spotted this little GPS gizmo reduced to 19.99 - Gobalsat GPS Director GD-101, Maplin order code A30JN - on sale until 24/12/2009. Also findable on ebay, not quite so cheap at time of writing.

I had to buy one out of curiosity....

Looking at the back I spotted some test points, so naturally had to give them a poke with the scope probe... As I suspected, one of these provides a NMEA GPS data output...

wpe12.jpg (304322 bytes)

Output is at 120kbaud (generally close enough to 115K2 to get away with it...), 3.3v levels, active-low.

I fed it straight into an FTDI TTL232 cable. 

Sample output



Impressively little inside..... M-Star MSB2122 chip and a few power supply components

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