Industrial valve data available

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I recently picked up a load of data on industrial valves, as listed below. If anyone wants data on a specific device, please email me & I'll put it online. Note - I don't have data on the RCA 4879 photomultiplier, which seems to be the most popular request!

EEV/MOV 'Professional Electron tubes 1982-3' specs (but not full data sheets) on ignitrons,rectifiers, H2 and mercury thyratrons, power valves, vacuum capacitors, microwave tubes, electro-optical devices, CRTs sparkgaps, Geiger tubes.

GEC valves and CRTs for industry 1959 specs (but not full data) on Transmitting valves, industrial heating valves, rectifiers, H2 and argon thyratrons, magnetrons, klystrons, TWTs, scope tubes, geiger tubes, voltage stabilisers,

RCA Tube handbook HB-3 photosensitive devices and thyratron, ignitron & glow-discharge sections Full data sheets on Photocells, photomultipliers, thyratrons, ignitrons, voltage regulators

AEI Industrial and microwave valves (1962) Full data on Ignitrons, thyratrons (Xe,H2,Hg) and rectifiers

English Electric Valve Co. Valve data book Vol. 3. (1958-67) Full data on storage tubes, image intensifiers, camera tubes, photomultipliers, CRTs, H2 Thyratrons, Vacuum capacitors, cold-cathode tubes, ozotrons (!), laser tubes

Various GEC data sheets 1964, UHF valves, thyratrons, radar crts & general valves.

Mullard Tech handbook Vol. 3 parts 2 & 3 1960-67 Full data on Gasfilled valves & tubes (nixies, dekatrons & other counting tubes), microwave devices, power valves & rectifiers, ignitrons,  thyratrons,

Mullard tech handbook Book 2 part 3 gasfilled tubes, 1969 Full data on Voltage stabilisers, nixie and counter tubes, thyratrons, ignitrons, rectifiers

Data sheets available on-line :

Counting and Display tubes      
Mullard/Valvo E1T (electron beam count/display) and ET51 (trochotron counter)  counter General info on Ericsson Dekatrons, including GC10B , GC10D, GS10C data sheets Mullard ZM1000 Nixie tube Mullard ZM1162 Nixie Mullard ZM1174/5/6/7 Nixies Burroughs Nixie Catalogue, includes application notes
More nixie info here Burroughs Alphanumeric nixies Elstra EZ10/10B dekatrons Misc. nixie pinouts and links to more nixie data
Ericsson GTE175M trigger tube for dekatron coupling. Ericsson GS12C Dekatron    
Light-sensitive devices      
RCA 917 vacuum photodiode  RCA 1P39 & 929 photocells    
RCA 931 photomultiplier RCA 1P28 photomultiplier  RCA 6342A photomultiplier RCA 4526 photomultiplier
RCA 8053/5/4 Photomultipliers RCA 4523/4/5 Photomultipliers RCA 1P21 Photomultiplier  
EEV P829/833/836/845 Image Intensifiers      
High Power & switching devices      
RCA 5552-A Ignitron AEI BK42 Ignitron (equiv. to 5551) EEV CX1168 100 megawatt thyratron RCA 2D21 thyratron
Thyratron specs at Triton Electron Devices Philips Z50T Trigger tube RCA 5563-A Thyratron  
Mullard QQV03-10 RF Power double tetrode Mullard QQV06-40A VHF power double tetrode Mullard TY4-400 Power Triode  
ER1400 EAROM chip - not a valve but almost as weird - it needs a -35V supply! Lots more data on valves, thyratrons etc. at Tesla archive Lots more datasheets at wps