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uktes.jpg (1687 bytes)smsurge.jpg (1533 bytes)UK Teslathon, Corby 27th May 2000

Despite slightly better lighting conditions this year (cloudy!), I didn't get many especially good spark pictures of this event, below are just a few odds & ends I managed to snap.  See for more info on UK teslathons past and future.

What we need is MORE POWER! Ritchie Burnett, Steve Rodway and Bob Golding add yet another paralleled transformer to Alan's coil for the UK spark-length record attempt.

00524032.JPG (361390 bytes)

(Left) Not-very-successful attempt to use a large xenon flashtube as a 'strike detector', in series with the ground rod when attempting spark length record. Unfortunately the capacitance of the ground rod meant that the tube lit only slightly brighter when the rod was hit than it did due to the general amount of e-field surrounding the coil when running.  Striking the tube end directly, however gave a very impressive glow (Right).

00524031.JPG (413775 bytes)xen1.jpg (22225 bytes)

Tim Davey and Mike Tucknott demonstrate Tim's Van-De-Graff generator in hair-raising fashion (groan!).

timzap.jpg (34464 bytes)00524037.jpg (94421 bytes)

Steve Bell's very impressive aluminium-cased control box, complete with combination lock and numerous safety interlocks.
00524002.JPG (391185 bytes)00524020.JPG (360736 bytes)
(Left) Alan Sharp's control box, showing innovative use of a pushchair wheel as a variac knob!
00524018.JPG (350007 bytes)

I didn't really have time to get anything together for the event, so I brought a few items shown on this site for people to see first-hand, including some valves, nixie clock and a ball-bearing motor.

00524040.JPG (445908 bytes)

(Left) The usual suspects... (Right) the magnificent trophies presented to all the people who brought coils

cor2line.jpg (43318 bytes)00524039.JPG (369201 bytes)

uktes.jpg (1687 bytes)smsurge.jpg (1533 bytes)


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