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small3nf.jpg (1275 bytes)smcv.jpg (1013 bytes)BIG valves

Some of the larger stuff from my valve collection.

Large early transmitting valve, probably late 1920's

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General Electric GL-860, Marconi MR1 rectifier, used in Marconi 2MT experimental broadcast station (1922)

bigtx.jpg (9700 bytes)00302005.JPG (284555 bytes)

Raytheon RK-28A, Philips PC 1.5/100, Large rectifier tube, CV150 diode

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Three high-power valves - one on right is an EEV FX2519 thyratron (6.25MW pulse power)

big7.jpg (7877 bytes)big2.jpg (7913 bytes)big3.jpg (8711 bytes)

Three large mercury-vapour thyratrons, which are similar in function to semiconductor thyrisors. The one on the left is a CV22, used to control a magnetron for generating high power radar pulses up to 3MW. Smaller thyratrons here

big6.jpg (8312 bytes)big5.jpg (9127 bytes)big1.jpg (7752 bytes)

Above thyratron in its wooden packing crate, looking like it's been caged and tied down to stop it biting people!

kingkong.jpg (11350 bytes)

Three triodes with side grid connections - General Electronics JAN CDR-808,  Eimac 100TH/VT218, Eimac 304TH (VT254), which has four parallel connected triode assemblies

eimac.jpg (8600 bytes) 304th.jpg (7377 bytes)

Eimac CWL-327A. Marked 'US Navy' Hrs. 50 - presumably a design life of 50 hours! Manufactured 1943.

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