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Ebay 1742330658 ends 25 Jun

4 off Side-lit light-guide digital displays - KGM Multi-indicator Type M4. These displays were a predecessor to nixie tubes, often used in test and measuring equipment of the late 1960's.

These use sheets of thin glass, each having an engraved pattern of 'dimples' which light up when light is shone into the edge of the glass sheet from 12V 100mA bulbs.

These units are the largest I have seen of this type, with 24mm high digits, and unlike smaller displays of this type, the lamps are easily accessible for replacement, by undoing two thumbscrews at the rear. Lamps are standard miniature flange types (6.2mm body dia, 7.2mm flange dia.) which are readily available in various voltages. All bulbs are present and working.

This style of display was used for the countdown timer in the bomb from the film 'Goldfinger'!

A clock can be built using these with my  Nixie Clock design, with minor modifications


Ex-equipment, reasonable condition. Overall size 28mm W x 115mm H (inc mounting flanges) x 50 mm D

International bidders please note that shipping weight is about 1.5Kg for the four displays. You can get an international postage estimate here.




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