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00106035.JPG (346403 bytes)philgsm.jpg (12555 bytes)Sony Vaio PCG-C1XN notebook

00326017.JPG (308602 bytes)


00326006.JPG (420806 bytes)It took a while but I eventually figured out that the keyboard has to come before you could get inside, nothing much to see so far. White pad on the left is on the cpu heatsink assembly, and conducts heat into the keybnoard baseplate. On the right you can see that the 2.5" IBM hard disk takes up most of the space inside the unit. 

00326007.JPG (492710 bytes)This is the Bourns mouse 'stick' controller, mounted on the underside of the keyboard.

00326003.JPG (551200 bytes)Inside the 'motion-eye' camera. CCD/lens assembly is mounted on flex-rigid PCB assembly.

 You wanna bet?

00326002.JPG (598687 bytes)Underside - on the right is the switch that detects which way up the camera is positioned.

00326014.JPG (348488 bytes)Camera controller PCB in top of display lid, showing CCD controller chips and image SRAM.

00326015.JPG (376270 bytes)Underside, showing Hitachi H8/3334 processor.

00326011.JPG (507322 bytes)Main PCB. PCMCIA slot top-left, CPU cooling assembly at the bottom, consisting of aluminium heatsink with 'heat-pipe', and tiny internal fan. Power supply is top-right, including 2 large inductors using flexi-print tape windings. Interestingly there are a couple of unused connectors, one between the CPU heatsink and PCMCIA frame, and CN1000 below the PSU inductors. I'd guess CN1000 may be for an internal modem - there is also a blank area on the right-hand side of the case which could accommodate a phone jack. centre-right is a Hitachi processor, presumably for keyboard and power management functions. Several BGA (ball-grid array) packages are used to minimise size. The 'silver' chip on the left is not actually silver but the highly reflective surface of the rear of the silicon die - this type of chip is not so much packaged as 'painted'!

00326010.JPG (498846 bytes)Underside of main PCB. CPU fan at bottom, graphics controller centre-right, memory chips bottom-left, with expansion connector above.

wpe1.jpg (109870 bytes)Battery, with charge control & pack protection circuitry.

Bottom one is original Sony. top is third-party replacement.

00106035.JPG (346403 bytes)philgsm.jpg (12555 bytes)

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