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wpeE6.jpg (15250 bytes)wpe2E7.jpg (154971 bytes)
Logitech Squeezebox Duet Controller and receiver


wpeE0.jpg (135628 bytes)Rear of controller, wifi board on the left also sports an SD slot, accesible from battery compartment

wpeE5.jpg (91915 bytes)Under the wifi board is where most of the action is...

wpeE3.jpg (85622 bytes)Under the LCD - audio DAC and what I'm guessing is the accelerometer chip

wpeDE.jpg (58039 bytes) A Multi-pin connector on bottom edge - covered by a rubber bung. Surprisingly large number of pins - I suspect many of these may be for factory test etc. and probably include  JTAG.

A little surprised to see 3 fuses (the green bits) - one for the battery, one for the charge.... maybe one for power via this bottom socket?

Receiver - a neat single PCB. U4 is Xilinx XC9536CL CPLD, U12 is Realtek RTL8201CP. No-name Chinese WLAN mini-PCI card with 2 plug-in antennas - would be no big deal to add an external antenna for more range if required...

wpeDA.jpg (158387 bytes)


wpeD7.jpg (54007 bytes)Under the wifi slot - just a few PSU components. Sticky foam pads make wifi module rather hard to remove...


wpeD9.jpg (21870 bytes)The only interesting thing on the underside is the provision for an IR receiver. The sideways orientation of the pads suggests it would use a light pipe to get its view of the front (The case material is not IR transparent - I checked!).


wpeE6.jpg (15250 bytes) wpe2E7.jpg (154971 bytes)

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