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wpe2E7.jpg (154971 bytes)T-962A Infrared reflow oven



wpe15.jpg (210833 bytes)


wpe11.jpg (301029 bytes)Inside front panel - LCD on the left, control PCB, small fan

wpe13.jpg (490741 bytes)Inside rear panel - solid-state relay for heater control, mains transformer. All wiring is in heat resistant sleeve, but I wonder how effective that is when the wire inside is PVC...!

wpe12.jpg (552143 bytes)PCB close-up.

Major surprise is it uses an ARM based MCU - LPC2148. This is just bizarre, as it doesn't need anything like this amount of processing power, even for the graphic display. Maybe there was an available graphics driver, or they use the same processor in other products perhaps?

Slightly surprised to see the LM2575 regulator - presumably due to teh draw of the LCD backlight.


PCB to the right is a triac controller for the mains fan in the rear. I wonder if the unpopulated parts are for the heater control on the smaller model.


Tons of hot-glue everywhere to retain connectors, even the ones that already have retention clips....

wpe14.jpg (382615 bytes)Not very impressed with large amounts of what looks like masking tape to keep the foil away from the eletronics...

wpe16.jpg (345421 bytes)Cute little display of temp profile, but the user interface and firmware in general is as abysmal as I've come to  expect from a cheap Chinese product like this. Written to do the bare minimum to get it out the door and no more - zero thought. I hate stuff like this.

Note partial characters to the right of the temp indications where the previous 3-digit display hasn't been cleared.

wpe1B.jpg (129626 bytes)A surprise at the rear - What appears to be a Papst fan, not an obscure Chinese thing. I do wonder about the felt-tip pen marks on it though...

The manual is such a masterpiece of 'Chinglish" that I had to put a copy for your enjoyment. Interestingly there was a CD in the box with a copy of a manual with much better English. Err. why didn't they just print that one....?

wpe1A.jpg (136096 bytes)

wpe18.jpg (262547 bytes)



wpe17.jpg (295256 bytes)

wpe2E7.jpg (154971 bytes)

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