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wpeE7.jpg (14952 bytes)wpe15.jpg (210833 bytes)Inside the TI Pico Projector development kit

I just HAD to buy one of these when I saw it at Digikey....! Not yet sure exactly what for yet, but it's so cool it had to be done.... And taken apart of course.

wpe2E7.jpg (154971 bytes)


wpe2E0.jpg (566457 bytes)Micron chip above possibly RAM for frame buffer

Winbond EEPROM 25X16

TI DLP processor chip

Bottom-right probably power supply, marked BYK

Bottom-left marked 7BDS


Copper LED heat spreader to right - a thermal pad (removed) transfers heat to the case.


wpe2E1.jpg (563040 bytes)SiI1161 DVI receiver

Small IC Probably power supply, marked BYK

wpe2DD.jpg (460431 bytes)Underside of processor board

MSP430 processor M430F2232.

Other IC probably power supply, marked BKA TI 81 ZC3W.

Warning - inter-board connector is very tight - gentle rocking appears to be the best line of attack. I initially used a screwdriver to lever apart, and mangled a resistor (bottom-left), causing the LEDs to stop working. Replacing it with a 10K seems to work OK.

wpe2E2.jpg (247459 bytes)Underside of DVI board

LED driver. IC to left marked  BPT 87K - connected to power jack - probably main PSU regulator

Q1/2/3 probably FETS to select R/G/B LED.

wpe2E6.jpg (59292 bytes) A few option links - I think these go to pins on the DVI  receiver chip.

wpe2DF.jpg (153991 bytes)Rear of LED flex with heat spreader removed

wpe2E3.jpg (159547 bytes)LEDs

wpe2E5.jpg (71105 bytes)The DLP chip. Interestingly it holds an image when off...

I wonder if this would concern the more security-paranoid people out there... I can just see the headline - "last slide of top-secret presentation found on projector bought from ebay....!"

wpe2DB.jpg (43200 bytes)Rear of DLP chip. Connector soldered directly to rear.

wpe2DC.jpg (189771 bytes)DLP mating connector

wpe2DA.jpg (293484 bytes)Front of DLP showing image

wpe2DE.jpg (245054 bytes)Shining light 'backwards' through optical block indicates some sort of filter or dichroic mirror arrangement inside to combine LED output..

wpe2E4.jpg (326580 bytes)Laser projector!

wpe15.jpg (210833 bytes)
wpeE7.jpg (14952 bytes)

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