RVgerber importing gerbers at huge size

Started by phonoplug, September 12, 2022, 04:11:49 PM

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Bit of an odd one this, don't think I've seen it before.

All was going fine, gerber data imported and the board looked as expected until... I dropped the first part (as 1206 capacitor as it happens) and it was tiny! Very confused. Turns out the gerbers had imported something like 40x size which only becomes apparent when you drop a component down onto it.

The board is not one I had designed, and it appears to have been done in Allegro.

Turns out RVgerber doesn't like/understand the FSLAXxxYxx and MOxx commands being combined into one line. No idea if this is legal or not, Presumably Allegro seems to think so and EuroCircuits had no problems displaying or making the boards.

In the offending files the two instructions were combined as:


but to get RVgerber to import correctly at the right size I had to split them into separate lines like this:


Anyway thought it might be worth posting in case anyone else comes across this at some point.


Impressive fault finding, thanks for sharing.



Ha! This caught me out again! Glad I noted it down somewhere!