Neoden YY1 new $3K desktop P&P

Started by Mike, August 02, 2022, 09:48:47 AM

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Looks interesting - some nice features for low-volume users:
Bulk feeder - would be interesting to see how well this works in practice
Decent 315x350+mm board area ( if only one feeder bank in use)
Tool changing, which is an essential feature lacking in many low-end machines, 3 + 1 nozzles is just about enough.

The only thing I'd have liked to have seen is a flying camera option for part vision, as this would improve speed considerably for relatively low cost
Also the option to take a few Yamaha feeders for high-quantity parts would be nice

Some things I'd like to see in more detail:
Feeder loading procedure
How do the feeders pull the cover tape
Feeder options for wider/deeper tapes

Is the speed shown in the videos the maximum speed ? It does look a little slow - the 3000cph claim looks suspect


It does look interesting. There are a few videos on youtube.

It seems it can recognise and pick up loose 0603, 0805.. parts from within designated compartments. This is a great feature for low volume.

But I wonder how good the software is and how reliable the machine is. Unexpected Maker on YouTube bought a top end Neoden and he had reliability issues with it. He spent a good chunk of money buying it and even bought it locally to get support and he still had issues. Below video shows the mahcine he bought. Its impressive when it works but....