File Backups

Started by Alex, January 31, 2011, 08:44:33 PM

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Hi All, With regards to backing up the Pick and Place programs from an RV, should I save the Job File
or the Transfer File or both?
Thanks in advance.


Depends what you want to do. The TFR has all the information on the design, from which the job file is generated, however as I understand it, things like feeder/board setups and how far through a placement it got are added to the job file during the placement process.
So if the purpose of the backup is to run the same job again in future, with  the same feeder setup, the job file may be useful as it should save some setup time. If however a new run of the job will be set up from scratch next time, the job file is less useful, and in fact generating a new one may be better to clear out old settings.   
Neither file is very big so no harm in saving both.


I'd suggest just dumping the whole 'versatronics' folder and its sub-directories to your backup area. That way you save all the calibration data too. Without that, if your hard disk breaks you'll need a full grid calibration before you can do anything.