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Started by Alex, January 18, 2011, 11:25:54 PM

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Hi All, Not sure about the best way to address this, I am running a job that has an SO8 in the Fib bed feeder and an SO8 in a Tape feeder. The problem is the supply angle is different so the CDF is always correct for one but not the other, is this right and does it mean I have to create a CDF File for a Stick fed device and a tape fed device.
Any help would be great.


You got it - you need to create different CDFs. I have two in my libraries, one called SO8 for the stick orientation, and one called SO8-TAPE for tape parts. Its a bit of a pain as sometimes you don't know when creating the job whether they will be on sticks or tape, or you might get new supplies in the other medium, but thats something you just have to work with!

You may come across the same problem for all SO packages, MSOP's and also some QFPs that come on tape and in trays.


That's great, many thanks for the quick response. :)


Old topic but, I noticed that SOME parts are available orderable in multiple orientations:

See this datasheet on Farnell:

EDIT: To be more specific:


Yep - seen that too. At least with D-paks its obvious to see the difference. Watch out for SOT23-6 packages though. They come on tape sometimes with the dot top right, sometimes bottom left. Without looking closely for the dot they look the same. Caught me out once (and once only!) and provided me with a load of much unwanted rework!


Yeah the RV's solution of storing the orientation in the package data is often far from helpful, I used to have several 'versions' of some of my common recipes to cover this. The ideal solution is to try to keep your purchasing as consistent as possible and make sure you are using the full part number that includes the packaging type. Of course that is less easy when not purchasing full production packs as the extra letters quickly mean very little. On our Essemtec, machine packaging information is stored against part number and even allows multiple package types per device. Even this solution can be bypassed by the peculiar option to offer different orientations for the same product however as well as those few anomalous parts that like to break with convention. For example one of the resistor manufacturers likes to put 2512 resistors on 8mm spacing so its always a good idea to make sure those operating your machine are aware of common "gotchas" and check for them as part of the loading process.