Step and Repeat

Started by basemetal, June 02, 2020, 02:17:29 PM

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We had a little problem on placing variations on a multi biscuit v scored board. Although the placement was spot on on the first biscuit, it progressively got worse as the machine placed parts on each progressively distant biscuit from the first.

On going over some old notes that i made 10 to 15 years ago when getting some training from DC, i came across this note for step and repeat boards. "Try just using the first fiducial point only - step and repeat compounds any errors".

We have not tried this approach, just wondered if anyone else had some success with it?

The quick fix for us was to make a dedicated jig that held the board in its index holes and gave us a few thou board to board positional repeatability and turned the fiducial correction off. Not an elegant solution though.



Yeah I have noticed something like that. I had some improvement by measuring the actual repeat vs the theoretical repeat. That is assuming you had the board house do the panelisation.



Seen that too. I just tweak the step and repeat distances till its about right


Yes!!! So simple! Too long away from the coalface.