relationship between 'Setup Pcb' & 'Fiducial Correct' dialogs?

Started by alanambrose, January 21, 2020, 12:38:10 PM

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I failing to understand the relationship between the 'Setup Pcb' & 'Fiducial Correct' dialogs. I should say my 'references' are always the same as my 'fiducials' which are always spare footprints on the bottom left and top right of my pcb.

In 'Setup Pcb' I set the X,Y of Ref 1 & 2. I assume the Z value in this dialog is largely irrelevant, as the next step is to measure the board height? If so - so far, so good - this sort of makes sense as the RVS clearly needs to have am accurate sense of the PCB surface.

But then in 'Fid Correct' I set the X,Y again of those same points. Presumably as the basis for placing the components.

Is the 'Setup Pcb' only establishing the board surface? In which case, the X,Y of Ref 1 & 2 are not super-important? But the 'Fid Correct' positions are key to establishing the position of all the components? Is that right or am I missing something?

TIA Alan


Hi the 'setup PCB'  is used to first setup the board for a new design so that the fiducial correct knows where to start, the 'fiducial correct' is used to allow for differences between the original board and subsequent boards and batches which can vary significantly.
I think the fiducial correct is more interested in the overall position of the PCB and at what angle it is sitting rather than the shape and size of the board which is already known.



AIUI the X/Y aspects of these functions are basically equivalent. Setup just sets the initial values so the fid cam starts in roughly the right place