Weird mouse behaviour

Started by alanambrose, November 12, 2019, 05:46:00 PM

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The RVSetup / RVPlace GUIs on my machine have started doing something odd ... the mouse is sort of trapped in a small space on some dialog boxes e.g. 'Feeder Allocation', which makes those dialogs (and therefore the machine) unusable. Otherwise the mouse behaves fine in Windows and the main body of those two apps. I can't remember doing anything which might have started that behaviour and it seemed to work fine when I last used the machine a few weeks ago ... my memory could be better these days though ... :)

I have had AutoHotkey and TinyVNC installed for some time now and I've used both serial and USB mice with this machine (I get the same behaviour with both kinds of mice). Uninstalling VNC doesn't seem to help any. Reboots and power-recycle don't seem to change the behaviour.

Anyone have any ideas or any debugging steps to fix?

TIA, Alan


I kind of think I've had something like this before but cured by a reboot. This is what it looks like:

The first few seconds are with me moving the mouse a little but it always returning by itself to a given position ... therefore I'm unable to move it around the dialog to the controls. At the end of the clip you can see the mouse revert to normal as soon as it is off the 'Feeder Allocation' dialog. I did get past this point by editing the feeders files manually, but I have the same problem on a couple of other dialogs (e.g. the Move dialog with all the left/right up/down buttons) where I think they're doing maybe a bit more mouse work.


I've seen this a few times, I think it was a stuck button on the gamepad, or the gamepad getting into an odd state that was fixed by unplugging & replugging it.


OK well I think this was caused by accidentally swapping a USB mouse into the joystick port, but I was changing several things at once (including te-installing WIN98) so I would have to backtrack to verify.