The annoying screen-shift issue in RVPlace

Started by Mike, November 27, 2018, 06:44:57 PM

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One of the few actively buggy things in RVPlace is that the screen layout in the first screen will randomly get an offset when exiting from the Place screen.

This is only an issue for selecting/omitting parts, but can be really annoying if it happens during job setup. If you don't need to do component selection etc. you can get back to the place screen, and most other functions by waving the mouse around the menu area and you'll see the menu text appear through the corrupted image.

The fastest workaround is to load any other job file ( ignore errors about feeder mismatch), then reload the previous job.

Exiting and re-entering RVPlace also fixes it but you then have to wait while it re-homes the arm.

I'm assuming this is a common issue and not something peculiar to my machines - can anyone else confirm - would be interesting to know if anyone has never seen this, as this may point to a PC issue ( or a Place.DLL issue). 


Yeah, I get this, I don't know what causes it. I'm not using a stock motherboard, it's
some Pentium III thing, I don't remember the model (it might be genuine Intel one).
I'm on Win98SE + USB support.