Cadsoft Eagle export

Started by Jason, October 14, 2013, 08:20:38 AM

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Based on Mike's VB project to export a TFR file from PCAD,
I've written an Eagle .ULP which does a similar thing,
significantly reducing the amount of time messing with
RV Gerber.
I've also produced a CAM job which produces 3 Gerber files
which work well importing into RV Gerber.

Notes for use:
1 ) Put auto_tfr.ulp in the Eagle ULP directory
2 ) Put inthe Eagle CAM directory
3 ) Open up your Eagle project.
4 ) Make sure your Fids have a name or parttype of "FID"
5 ) Run the CAM processor with the versatronics job
6 ) Run the auto_tfr ULP and save the TFR file
7 ) Close Eagle
8 ) Open RV Gerber
9 ) Open the TFR file, assigning unknown parts into the CDF
10 ) Import the 3 gerber files
11 ) Save the TFR file
12 ) Move onto RV Setup as usual

Work left to do:
1) Fix the detection of Fids to be a bit smarter
2) Automatically create custom CDF entries by exporting
the pad/shape data from the Eagle part library (soon!).


I notice that the attachments have had nearly 100 download. I'm surprised there's
that many people using Eagle/Versa combo. I'd be surprised if there were that
many machines still in regular use!