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RV Tools for sale (New)
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:43:27 AM »
I've finally got some made and given them a good test drive. They do not have (nor need) the brass ring that the old ones have in them - the one that keeps falling out that is. An immediate noticeable improvement is the occasional 0603 capacitor that is placed at the wrong angle, often ~45 degrees, has now disappeared. I think this is a symptom of when the tool becomes 'chiselled' with wear.

The chap I found has done a really good job on them, he was recommended based on them needing to be very accurately made, but they have come out a bit more expensive than I was hoping as a result. They also took about 6 months!

So I have some T6, T1 and T2 available, not a great number, but I would hope that I can get more made from the same route if needed. Cost £40 each + VAT.