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Nozzle Repair
« on: February 17, 2017, 09:44:06 PM »
There may be better ways, but after destroying half a dozen nozzles recently i needed a way of restoring them
I'll post some pictures later but briefly

Acetal seems to stick to the original nozzles Ok with Loctite 410   instant adhesive

The adhesive glued a No 2 nozzle back together after the whole cylindrical part was knocked off,  and was back in use within 30 minutes.

where the damage was more extensive, I machined some 6mm bosses on some 8mm black Acetal

I drilled 6mm holes in the end of what otherwise would be scrap nozzles and glued the plugs in (with about 7 or 8 mm of 8mm Acetal projecting)

When it was et ( about 30 minutes) I chucked them up on my lathe (big Taylor chuck !) and machined them down

I didn't have a tailstock chuck that would take a 0.5mm drill, so I mounted the drill in a pin vice and put that in the tailstock chuck

A bit heath robinson, but the resulting nozzles work fine

I do have a little injection molding machine, and I'm very tempted to make a die to make them from scratch ..  but have more pressing things to get on with  ..