feeder bias drifting?

Started by Greasemonkey, August 12, 2014, 10:09:47 AM

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Hello this is my first post here.

We have an RV1S.
An issue we have from time to time is that we do the initial setup on each feeder i.e. ref1, ref2 and the individual feeder bias.
Then later I find that all of the bias for the tape feeders have gone out by the same amount.
I am not sure if this effects the vib feeders, because they are larger components it doesn`t really create a problem.
Does the RV software have some sort of self correction for picking up components that can cause the bias to drift?
We have checked to make sure that the feeder carriers are secure.

Many thanks


It does indeed. As each component is checked by the camera the offset is calculated and then applied to the next picked component so it zeros in on a near perfect pick. If your carefully aligned pick position and the vision systems caluclated component centre are not in the same place you may want to run through the calibration routine for your cameras this will remove any bias that has crept in there and it is a quick and easy thing to do. In the CDF I believe you can also turn off the auto correct pick position.


You can disable this using "Lock feeders" in the part CDF. You would normally do this for tray feeders, probably also vibs if the feed position is wobbly.


Ok great. Thanks guys that makes complete sense.