Another Beginners Question - manual fixed component tray

Started by spiyda, June 02, 2014, 11:16:23 PM

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Another beginners qusetion !

I have figured out the normal feeders.. using the training manual as a guide..
but can someone explain briefly how to define as a feeder the following

A short length of feeder tape with components.
stuck to the table with double sided tape, or clamped in a simple jig.

Am I right in thinking in terms of a single dimension matrix feeder ?


Yep, thats it. Its a 'x' by 1 matrix tray. x can be anything up to 30. It won't allow anything more than 30.

You will need to have something between the tape and the bed of the machine as the head can't pick as low as a piece of tape directly on the bed, unless perhaps its a tall part like a 10mm dia. electrolytic.



that makes sense

getting there...    slowly !


Something like this is handy for feeding strips.
remember you need to copy the part across the feeder . or use my fillfeeder utility to do it automatically.