Anyone got a reliable CDF model for HC49 SM crystals / electrolytics etc?

Started by phonoplug, December 07, 2013, 10:58:21 PM

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I've been playing with settings for these for a while and haven't found any reliable settings that don't reject ~20%.

Problem I have is in the machine's ultimate wisdom it often decides the best rotation for these is not the right one, and consequently it chucks the component as 'too big' because the overall width is too big. I really need it to select the correct rotation by minimising the x-width. Is there a setting in the various CDF pages that translates to doing this? Perhaps the 'component type' or 'correction type' settings? I've tried one or two of these (eg changing to PLCC / SOJ type correction so it should not rely on the ends of the leads), but didn't seem to make any difference.

Anyone got any ideas?


I placed quite a few smaller electrolytic case sizes (12mm tape only) with far higher success than that. I seem to have defined the leads as "Simple" and the device as "Chip Type" vision would have been purely on the leads and to compensate for the fact such devices wobble quite a bit in the pockets X and Y are locked to stop it correcting the pick by massive amounts, pick tolerances also need to be high enough to permit the wobble induced offsets.