CDFdata.dat format

Started by Jason, October 14, 2013, 11:36:02 PM

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Some very brief notes which I'm going to use to auto export libary parts from Eagle into CDF records:

$C <NAME> <quick size x> <quick size y> <comp height> 0 <pin one location> <comp type>
<double imaging> 0 <tool number> <placement pressure> <Pick dwell> <settle time> <camera dwell>
<z-speed> <rot-speed> <XY speed> <prog rotate> <x bias> <y bias> <angle bias> <min blob size>
<pick x bias> <pick y bias> <Threshold adj>
<Pick tolerance> <min dm%> <max dm%> <pre-rotate> <centre override> <rej bin location>
<glue dot en> <glue dot size> <Lock X> <Lock y> <half index> <merge moves> <place delay> <Test Cdf>
<use shape info> 0 0 0 0 0
 $S <angular range> <angluar step> 2 <correction type>
(<x-offset>,<y-offset>) (<size X>,<size Y>) (0,0) (0,0) 0 <dot/bar position> <light/dark> <numpins>  # Body definition
(<lead centre x>,<lead centre y>) (<x-offset>,<y-offset>) (<size X>,<size Y>) (<footprint len>,0) (0,0) 0 <lead type> # Lead definition, repeat for numpins times
$ <NAME>
<Text description>
* <Varient name 1>
* <Varient name n>  

z-speed 10 = fast 150 = slow
rot-speed 10 = fast 150 = slow
XY speed 1 = fast 30 = slow
placement pressure 0= low 2=high
rej bin loc 0=default 1=A 2=B ...
prog rotate 0=0, 1=90, 2=...

body and lead dimensions in mils