Started by lurowl, June 13, 2013, 12:41:20 PM

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Could anybody tell me the original CDF values for a sot23. i think iv changed something but dont know what ??? Every sot23 ends up placed on a slight angle and has to be adjusted with tweezers.
Thanks in advance.


When my SOT's are placing at an angle i usually find that the pick position has wandered, or is a little high and they are turning when picked up, and because a SOT23 is symmetrical the machine thinks it is placing them correctly but in reality they are at an angle.

Check the accuracy of the pick position and also set the angular range and angular step, they need to be tight (Range 90, step 4 is what i use) so that once placing correctly it doesn't wander and place at an angle again.


Do these help? Obviously the threshold adjustment will need to be tailored to your machine, but the rest is probably fairly transferable.


Hmmm, also I would change the 'Centre Override' to Automatic. Not sure why mine's set to Force Fixed though for that size part on an RV1s it shouldn't matter.


Nice one guys, combination of playing with the settings and picking from a little lower down has sorted things  :D