Bugs with bias

Started by phonoplug, May 11, 2012, 01:01:19 PM

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Anyone know of a situation when adding bias to an individual part in a job doesn't make any difference? I was building some boards the other day with a SOT23-6 part that needed nudging to the left a bit. I added an x bias of -4 initially and it made no difference. Added another -4, then another -4. Still made sod all difference. I haven't come across a bug like this before, does it ring any bells with anyone? I initially thought it might be linked to the camera option, centre override, being set to 'force fixed' in the CDF for this package, as this comes with a whole load of its own problems (but mostly with larger parts), but setting it back to automatic made no difference either.

I should have set the bias to something stupid like 1000 to prove the problem but by that point I really needed to do some real work and get the damn things built!


I have seen a similar problem but what i found was after entering the bias if you pressed the enter key on your key board the bias takes no effect but when actually clicking OK with your mouse pointer the bias did take effect. Hope this helps


Seems like whoever wrote the RV software had a serious a version to using the keyboard for anything - I think the pressing <space> to pause placement is about the only exception..!


Tell me about it! I've accidentally knocked the keyboard before now and had the damn thing drive into me.


Luke - thanks for the tip, will give it a try. Wouldn't surprise me actually - another 'feature'.