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For Sale/Wanted, Suppliers / Nozzle stepper motor wanted
« Last post by Cubik on March 06, 2020, 04:21:06 PM »
Does anyone have a nozzle rotate stepper motor that I could buy? Its a Sanyo 103-4505-7040

Many thanks

RV Hardware / Re: Tool loading and unloading problems
« Last post by Mickyblueeyes on March 06, 2020, 03:36:04 PM »
Thanks for your replies to this one, It seems the problem wasn't height just accuracy, I think after reassembly of the arm head the nozzle position was slightly different, I re worked the tool positions and now it works perfectly.

General SMT / Re: SMTech Reflow Oven - Applications software
« Last post by GT-NTX on March 03, 2020, 08:38:37 PM »

Yes, thanks I had seen that one. I had thought about bidding on it for spares. But collecting it would cost more than its worth. Plus I have no where to store two of them.

Also, they weigh in about as much as a small elephant.



Have you seen this one on Ebay?

Maybe you an take the controllers off it and spare heaters etc for yours?
General SMT / SMTech Reflow Oven - Applications software
« Last post by GT-NTX on March 02, 2020, 11:36:17 PM »
Hi Everyone,

New here. I've already pinged PhonoPlug a private message about this, but thought I'd post it on the open forums as well just in case anyone else can help out

I recently picked up an SMTech reflow oven (IRC300) at auction along with the control PC, unfortunately the PC was damaged beyond repair and the driver software is gone forever.

Brochure attached.

The oven itself seems to be in good condition at least cosmetically. I've buzzed out the 3phase connector and there doesn't seem to be any shorts line to line or to ground so I'm hopeful when I apply some power to it, it might work.

I've scoured the net looking for the original driver software so I can at least try the machine and managed to find a demo version of the software, but that has no capability to connect to the serial terminal on the oven.

I'm hoping someone has the original software. If you do, could I trouble you for a copy of the software? It would be a massive help.

Eventually, I may do as PhonoPlug has done and ditch the original controller. It doesn't look that well designed at all to be honest.

But I'd like to see if I can check everything out as built before modifying it.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards

RV Hardware / Re: Tool loading and unloading problems
« Last post by alanambrose on February 20, 2020, 02:16:10 PM »

One thing that took me a while to figure out originally - is that I had one tool that didn't load well. Turned out it had a mostly blocked orifice (can I say that on here :) ) - and the resulting back pressure was stopping it from being pushed on properly.

I've tried the tool block height cal a few times both with and without the nozzle and in both cases the results didn't seem to make much sense - so I reverted to the old height - but I would like to learn the right call method too as I think I have a small error on pickup height.

Also, anyone know how to do the fid cam cal? A member on here recently implied they did.

I've been using my RV a lot over the last few days and by-and-large it has been working out well. I sure wish I had access to the source code though so I could make some UI improvements.

RV Hardware / Re: Tool loading and unloading problems
« Last post by lurowl on February 17, 2020, 05:29:18 PM »
I am having the same problem but only have the issue with tool 2 (or I should say tool position 2) tool 2 in any other position works fine
RV Hardware / Tool loading and unloading problems
« Last post by Mickyblueeyes on February 17, 2020, 12:38:18 PM »
The z axis was making a grinding noise so I decided to replace the rack and pinion, in the end I changed the pinion and turned the rack back to front as only one side was worn, on reassembly I went through the calibration procedure for the cams using tool 2 and tool5, and reset the focussing etc for camera 1 and camera 2, I then ran the tool height routine which seems to run without a nozzle fitted (no instructions).

Since carrying out the above I have a problem where the machine cannot put the nozzle back into the tool station, and occasionally doesnt pick up the tool, I have never used the tool station height calibration before and I am wondering whether it needs tweaking somehow so that the nozzle is picked and place lower in the tool station to allow it to turn and lock properly.

Any Ideas?

For Sale/Wanted, Suppliers / RV4S for sale.... Shortly!
« Last post by Cubik on February 14, 2020, 02:29:28 PM »
We are looking to replace some of our Versatronics lines soon so I will have some machines and ancillaries up for grabs.

The first machine that we will be taking off line is a Silver RV4S. This machine has been in use for many years and is totally reliable. It has a reasonably new PC (built 2018) with SSD, TFT monitor, keyboard with trackpad, full set of PCB supports and tools.

This machine will be going with 1 x Vib feeder and 3 x 10x8 feeders, all recently refurbished / serviced.

If you are interested please message me. The last one that I sold to this spec sold for £1500 with a VAT invoice.

Also, we have about 60 feeders of various types which we will gradually be servicing and selling, if you are interested, please let me know.

For Sale/Wanted, Suppliers / Mekko CR350 Reflow Oven
« Last post by Gopher on February 10, 2020, 05:46:01 PM »
Due to the arrival of a much larger Forced Air Convection oven we are parting ways with our 2002 Mekko CR350.
This is a PC controlled 5 zone Infra Red Reflow oven with a heated length of ~1.15metres. Dimensions are 235x60x120CM  LDH. 
3-Phase power.
The cabinet is on castors.
Has been used up until today to reflow lead free PCB assemblies with some restrictions.
Mesh belt conveyor is 300mm wide although in practice the best delta is found in the central 200mm.

£250 or best offers, sold as seen.
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