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General SMT / Re: Vapour phase reflow?
« Last post by trev on Today at 11:37:15 AM »
Hi Mike, do you have any thoughts on vapour phase homebrew ?
General SMT / Re: Vapour phase reflow?
« Last post by Mike on Today at 11:03:07 AM »
Pretty sure I've  seen something about using domestic fryers.
Here's a thread on EEVBLOG about it
General SMT / Re: Vapour phase reflow?
« Last post by trev on Today at 10:42:33 AM »
I know this is an old thread but felt better to reply to this than start a new one on the same subject. Anyone had any success with homebrew vapour phase ovens? I have not found any reliable plans for building one yet. It looks interesting but I do not want to spend weeks trying to build something and experiement with it trying to get it to work. I would just like to build something and maybe spend a weekend getting something working. 

RV Hardware / Re: Board holders
« Last post by Mike on January 17, 2018, 12:03:22 AM »
Kapton tape

Something I've used for additional support, which would probably also work is 1" long x 1/4" dia magnets, with an M4 nut  or small disc magnet on top of the PCB.
Need to keep reasonably clear of components though as most are magnetic to some extent
RV Hardware / Re: Board holders
« Last post by spiyda on January 16, 2018, 10:41:48 PM »
I guess my method is a bit unusual...
I have some aluminium blocks with magnets to hold them to the bed. ( similar to the original blocks)

In the blocks are some screw pins ( the sort used in the watch strap repair vice)

The pins screw up from underneath and align in holes in the pcb

so,  two blocks, one pin in each means I can use the method for all the boards I make.

The locating is dependent on the drilled hole positions rather than the edge of the board

I've not had a board come off yet.. 
RV Hardware / Board holders
« Last post by trev on January 16, 2018, 02:20:26 PM »

I am now on the look out for the best way to mount PCBs on the machine bed. I have found some magnetic blocks from Grove but the corner pieces do not have the dial that rotates and holds the board down. Am thinking they are probably not much use without the dial. Not sure if I can really fix them. I have an idea to make my own but if the magnets work well and I can come up with a solution then its quicker and easier for me just to buy those. Do pople use the magnets?

Any thoughts from folk?

RV Hardware / Re: Feeder confusion - sure its my fault
« Last post by trev on January 15, 2018, 04:06:10 PM »
Thanks Mike. I set the feeder to address A but I put in the opposite side. I did not click that the address is fixed to the position. Kinda obvious but it was when you said the machine handles reversing the positions automatically that it clicked.

RV Hardware / Re: Feeder confusion - sure its my fault
« Last post by Mike on January 15, 2018, 02:02:05 PM »
Lanes are numbered 0-9, 0 is furthest from you on a right-side feeder. Software deals with rotation for left-side feeders.
From memory I think first ref is lane zero, and lane pitch is a negative value
RV Hardware / Feeder confusion - sure its my fault
« Last post by trev on January 15, 2018, 01:12:12 PM »

I created a feeder type from the standard 10x8mm. I loaded my components into the feeder and set components to lanes from the software.

When I went to test I found that the feeder would go to lane 1 but would index lane 10 and vice versa. I went to the feeder setup and tried to change the ref1 and ref2 positions but it said that only ref1 was reachable. Ref2 I could not set. When I swapped ref1 and ref2 positions then both became reachable. But in this swapped state the lane positions are totally confused. As said it thinks lane1 position is index 10 but wont let me change them.

Is this a common beginner gotcha?

RV Hardware / Re: Nozzle fabrication/ordering (Nov '17)
« Last post by spiyda on January 13, 2018, 03:20:11 AM »
UPDATE : I've had a pretty good price quoted from China, so I'll get a few in to try out..
If nothing else it will be a stop gap until complete ones are ready.
and it may be an easy way to get some of the bigger nozzles which will always be lower volume.
(fingers crossed)

A bit of lateral thinking ... It would be interesting to see what the dimensions of something like these is

in case they could be easily fitted to what remains of a versatronics nozzle when the end is broken off.

These tips for the CP45 are available to fit almost any component...


I found a drawing online and it looks like they will fit...   

Cut the samsung nozzle where the spring is
Machine off the pointy part of the versatronics nozzle (leaving the 10mm locating disc in place)

drill a hole in the end of the versatronics nozzle to fit the diameter of the samsung..

a nice tight fit or a dob of glue and bobs your uncle.

according to the drawing...  it is very, very, very close to being a perfect fit

between us we could buy enough to get them at a pretty low price..  and recondition all those old nozzles.

and it would be a lot easier to fit these to a 3d printed versatronics replica

I guess I will have to buy one at full price to try it out

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