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RV Software / Re: QPlacer information and he...
Last post by LeoBodnar - June 24, 2024, 07:00:34 PM
We have managed to make Siplace S series feeders work with QPlacer - just needed a command translator from RV4 protocol to Siemens.

Can you contact me about this, please on 07932 57 88 74.

Wondering if you would be interesting in doing a deal including setting it up for me?


For Sale/Wanted, Suppliers / RV4s for sale with feeders on ...
Last post by sixexe - June 17, 2024, 01:15:20 PM
My trusty RV4s for sale on eBay, I would love to keep it but I don't have the space.
RV Software / Re: QPlacer information and he...
Last post by LeoBodnar - June 04, 2024, 11:56:31 AM
I had a good look into the software operation and hardware interaction.
The boxes are serving as a multiplex and translator for the commands set by the PC software to separate axis controllers.
Boxes have both motor drives and about 20 Philips micro controllers that serve as endpoint clients in a sort of custom control bus arrangement.
We'll be happy to take whatever is left of it.
RV Software / Re: QPlacer information and he...
Last post by fredob - June 03, 2024, 10:32:16 AM
Hi all, Ex Qplacer user here. We still have the machine but it is in non-working order. The head won`t initialise on boot up. We think its one of the boxes underneath that is faulty and will probably be disposing of it at some point. Obviously I can take tools etc off if anyone is in need of anything. Or if you`re passing you can take the whole thing.

I spoke to sixexe (I think) last week so he gets first dibs!

If you want to get in touch for my limited knowledge or parts then feel free. We`re based in Darwen Lancashire
01254 771497


RV Software / Re: QPlacer information and he...
Last post by trev - May 26, 2024, 01:56:17 PM
Just some input on feeders. The Rv feeders for the most part are okay for paper tape but are just not reliable for anything else. They are terrible. They are just not reliable enough.

In the end I designed a conversion board and my machine now supports Yamaha CL feeders. These are brilliant and it's meant I can turn the machine on and just get on with populating boards rather than wondering if a feeder is going to mess me around for an hour.

It's taken a bit of time to fine tune the setup for the CL feeders but it's definitely worth it.

They do take up more space though than the Rv feeders. Maybe 7 cl feeders take up the same space as Rv feeder.

RV Software / Re: QPlacer information and he...
Last post by LeoBodnar - May 26, 2024, 10:09:59 AM
Thanks a lot for the offer sixexe - we definitely want to get in touch and share the [non]working knowledge. Could you please emeail me at to establish direct line of contact?

We have a few things on the go:
  • replacing nozzle tips with Juki 5xx series ones
  • swapping the cameras for tiny SONYs
  • integrating Siplace S series feeders

Our QPlace has nice mechanical construction with solid motion base but is let down by unreliable feeders, vision and software quirks

RV Hardware / Re: resin printed nozzles
Last post by LeoBodnar - May 25, 2024, 04:57:45 PM
Here is what I have done for QPlacer nozzles. They are of some weird design (possibly prototypes) with metal body and plastic tip that quickly becomes dull — especially on Tool 1 since it is used for height measurements.

I took a Juki 502, removed central spring-loaded tip, shortened it and 3D-printed a shell that the tip slides into. This has become a replacement of the original QPlacer nozzle.


RV Software / Re: QPlacer information and he...
Last post by sixexe - May 23, 2024, 04:35:23 PM
Leo, very Interesting what you said about step and repeat, I have found similar errors but I never found the reason, just compensated for it by applying offsets.  If you need any specific info from a working Qplacer just let me know.

Gopher, much prefer the Qplacer to the RV4s I purchased from you. I think the Software is a great improvement although it doesn't recover from hardware errors quite so well.  A missed tool load requires closing and re-opening the software then re-initialising the machine.
RV Software / Re: QPlacer information and he...
Last post by Gopher - May 22, 2024, 10:27:58 PM
Fascinating, I genuinely think bits of that software would have been commercially viable to sell as a standalone product to assist with setting up any pick and place machine. You can see its origins in RVGerber/RVSetup and you can see clear steps forwards.
It's a long time ago now, but to my recollection while VSMT went on for a few more years, Qplacer never seemed to get the traction the RV's got and then attention moved Flexiplace and Vivo systems at least one of which it seems was actually a rebadged machine.

I think the numbers of all the post RV machines are very low. I recall being given the contact details of one user to discuss their experience, which was interesting, what they said was not positive.