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Kodak Ektapro motion analyser systems & components : information, resources & history

Through research for my Ektapro high-speed camera controller rebuild project, I have amassed a lot of odd snippets of information, data etc. on the Ektapro high-speed video/motion amalyser product range, and also a lot of 'gaps' I'd like to fill, mostly out of curiosity.

I've decided to try to collate some of this info, partly for historical & general technical curiosity, and partly as these systems are starting to appear at low prices on the surplus market, and the info may be of use to fellow experimenters.

I would be most grateful for any contributions of any info on these systems - user manuals, original publicity /sales material, price lists, dates of production etc.   I'll happily cover copying & postage costs.

Please email if you have anything you think may be useful, or are looking for anything specific.

If you are interested in building a controller for an ektapro imager, I am quite happy to share my design, PCB layouts, software etc, however I will only provide info to people with experience of building complex electronic projects, as I do not have a complete "Heathkit-quality" set of instructions, or the time to answer dumb questions from people who don't know what they are doing and can't be bothered to spend time figuring things out for themselves...! (and no, sorry, I can't build  a controller for you.).


I have a lot of detailed technical info that I discovered in the process of reverse-engineering to design my controller, but much of it is in hand-scribbled notes & barely-legible drawings - please email if you need any specific info. I also have a fairly large collection of parts etc. of the TR processor and other oddments available.

Ektapro TR Processor & Accessories

Introduced ?late 1980's? Discontinued ? Original cost ?US$70,000?

wpe149.jpg (163094 bytes)

kodakpad.jpg (4345 bytes)wpe7B.jpg (375676 bytes)

Records up to 1000fps full-frame (240x192), up to 6000fps partial frame (240x16) on custom tape cartridges, running half-inch tape at up to 250 inches (6.3 metres) per second past fixed 19-track heads. The tape is 800 feet (250m) long, and records up to 35 seconds at 1000fps ?? Does anyone know how much these tapes cost at the time ??

Uses either standard Ektapto 1000 imager or intensified imager.

I have the user manual for this unit in paper form : please email if this would be of use & I'll scan it.

More internal shots here

Ektapro Cassette Conditioner

Accessory to the TR system for "conditioning" tapes prior to use. (sorry - I forgot to take pictures before dismantling to use the case for my controller....!)
As far as I can see this consisted of winding the tape end-to-end to settle/retention the tape, in the same way that some old tape streamers did.
It is not mentioned in the TR system manual I have, and there is also some difference in the tape design, as the tapes I have do not have the accessible hub couplings that the conditioner needs. I suspect therefore that this was introduced at a later date - maybe to improve performance or tape life.

Ektapro 1000 Ektanar Zoom Lens

Mentioned in the TR system manual - C mount CCTV lens with remote control of aperture, focus and zoom, particularly designed for use in hazardous locations. Controlled via Ektapro TR keypad.

Ektapro 1000 imager

wpe95.jpg (72182 bytes)wpe96.jpg (79105 bytes)wpe9C.jpg (46371 bytes)

Used with Ektapro TR and EM1012 processors. 240x192 NMOS image sensor, 1000fps (full-frame) up to 12,000fps (16x240) partial frame.

Bottom sockets : Lens control, imager interconnect,Viewfinder, Monitor, remote Record/stop, headset. Rear buttons : Record/Stop/Live, plus record LED.

I have seen some suggestion that that there are some changes/mods needed to imagers supplied with the TR processor to work with the EM1012 processor.

I have also seen a version labelled "Hi_gain Imager", which was used with an EM1012 processor - this appeared extarnally identical to the standard version, and is not the intensified imager (below)

Ektapro 1000 Intensified Imager and controller

Introduced ? Discontinued ? Original cost ?

wpe147.jpg (281914 bytes)wpe149.jpg (163094 bytes)

The imager sensor and electronics are identical to the standard 1000 imager, but is optically enhanced with a gated image intensifier, allowing 1000fps operation in bright room lighting. More internal pics here

Intensifier can be gated down to 10us, and is controlled by external PSU/control unit. Controls : Gain, Gate time, Strobe Delay, Overload limit.

I have seen some suggestion that that there are some changes/mods needed to imagers supplied with the TR processor to work with the EM1012 processor.

Ektapro EM1012 processor

Introduced ? Discontinued ? Original cost ?

wpeA1.jpg (11341 bytes)

This is a DRAM-based storage system which replaced the tape-based TR system. Framerate & resolution the same as the TR, but added 12,000FPS 1/12 split frame mode.

Detatchable handheld keypad with vertical format LCD and function keys.

Ektapro multi-channel data link

wpe9E.jpg (10496 bytes)

Used for acquisition of data to be recorded alongside recorded images. Unknown which processors this is compatible with.

Ektapro 1000 Strobe (small)

wpeA0.jpg (15256 bytes)

High-speed strobe with fibre-optic output, for illumination of small-scale subjects. Works up to 1000FPS. and appears to scale flash output according to incoming sync rate. Japanese made - possibly badged/customised from a Japanese manufacturer.

Uses high-pressure short-path xenon lamp. Nameplate power consumption is 250W, so flash energy is not especially great. I now have one of these and will measure flash characteristics at some point -

I'd really like to get any documentation on this system - please email if you have anything!

Ektapro 1000 Strobe (large)

I have also seen a much larger Ektapro strobe system for lighting of larger subjects a while ago but can't remember details - any info welcome!


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