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front.jpg (85229 bytes)wpe42.jpg (258707 bytes)Coherent Lasercheck laser power meter

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Front. left-right : beeper (overload warning), nm/mW switch, pads for pushbuttons, LCD, Lithium battery, 1MHz ceramic resonator (blue), attenuator position sensor switch, and photocell detector. I've never seen a lithium cell like this before - package is a 25x17x6.5mm metal canister.

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Rear chips : Siliconix 4532 MOSFET, Microchip 24LC16 EEprom (Calibration data storage), Microchip PIC16LC923 microcontroller with LCD controller, AD AD7714 24-bit analogue to digital converter, LM385, Siliconix 941 analog switch.


front.jpg (85229 bytes)wpe42.jpg (258707 bytes)


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